Thrust 1 - Pure Spin and Magnonic Current Control

  • Dr. Tingyong Chen

    Dr. Tingyong Chen

    Arizona State University

    (480) 965-7655

    Dr. Chen's focus within SHINES is to demonstrate the magnonic switching of magnetization in nanodevices.

  • Dr.Chia-Ling Chien (Lead)

    Dr.Chia-Ling Chien (Lead)

    John Hopkins University

    (410) 516-8092

    Dr. Chien pieoneered in discovering the spin Seebeck effect in structures free from the magnetic proximity effect. He also demonstrated the inverse spin Hall effect in magnetic metals, which opens a door for high-efficient spin current detection in spintronic devices.

  • Dr. Alexander Khitun

    Dr. Alexander Khitun

    UC Riverside

    (951) 827-5816

    Dr. Khitun's expertise is in the propagating spin wave spectroscopy (PSWS) study of magnons in magnetic thin films and nanostructures.

  • Dr. Mingzhong Wu

    Dr. Mingzhong Wu

    Colorado State University

    (970) 491-6312

    Dr. Wu's expertise is in the growth of high-quality magnetic insulator thin films by various techniques, e.g. liquid phase epitaxy, pulsed laser deposition, and sputtering. He also studies the ferromagnetic resonance and spin Seebeck effect in magnetic thin films.

  • Dr. Ruqian Wu

    Dr. Ruqian Wu

    UC Irvine

    (949) 824-7640

    Dr. Wu's expertise is in the density functional theory simulations of magnetic and non-magnetic materials, molecular systems, and novel interfaces as well as the simulations of spectroscopic data.

Thrust 2 - Phonon and Magnon Engineering

  • Dr. Alexander Balandin  (Lead)

    Dr. Alexander Balandin (Lead)

    UC Riverside

    (951) 827-2351

    Dr. Balandin's research is in phonon engineering and thermal conductivity in nanostructures. In particular, he works on the Raman spectroscopy and thermal conductivity measurements. He also works on the theoretical modeling of phonon thermal conductivity in nanostructured materials and devices.

  • Dr. Javier Garay

    Dr. Javier Garay

    UC San Diego

    (858) 534-4903

    Dr. Garay's expertise is in the magnetic nanomaterial synthesis and the magnetic property studies. In particular, he has been working on the exchange-spring magnets using the nanocomposite approach.

  • Dr. Roger Lake

    Dr. Roger Lake

    UC Riverside

    (951) 827-2122

    Research interest is on the stimulation of band structures and electrical transport and thermal properties in nanodevises. Recently he has been working on micromagnetic simulation of magnetization dynamics in magnetic nanostructures and the skrymion dynamics in magnetic materials.

  • Dr. Xiaoqin (Elaine) Li

    Dr. Xiaoqin (Elaine) Li

    University of Texas at Austin

    (512) 471-2063

    Dr. Li's expertise is the Brillouin Light Scattering (BLS), which is a unique tool for studying magnons as well as phonons. In particular, she has used BLS to study the spin wave excitations in magnetic structures.

  • (Center Director) - Dr. Jing Shi

    (Center Director) - Dr. Jing Shi

    UC Riverside

    (951) 827-1059

    Dr. Shi's group is working on the epitaxial growth (pulse laser deposition) and physical property studies (ferromagnetic resonance, spin pumping, spin Seebeck effect, etc.) of magnetic insulator films.

Thrust 3 - Spin-orbit Coupling Exploration

  • Dr. Ilya Krivorotov

    Dr. Ilya Krivorotov

    UC Irvine

    (949) 824-6967

    Research focus on studies of spin transfer torque effects in nanoscale magnets, such as the unltrafast magnetization dynamics. Recently he has worked on the magnetixation dynamics included by the spin Hall effect in nanodevices.

  • Dr. Chung-Ning (Jeanie) Lau

    Dr. Chun-Ning (Jeanie) Lau

    Ohio State University

    Dr. Lau's expertise is in nanodevice fabrication, transport and magneto-transport of nanodevices such as carbon nanotubes, graphene, transition metal dichalcogenides (TMD), etc.

  • Dr. Allan MacDonald

    Dr. Allan MacDonald

    University of Texas at Austin

    (512) 232-9113

    Dr. MacDonald is an accomplished theorist who has made many distinct contributions to condensed matter physics. His recent interest is on the effects of spin-orbit coupling, such as the anomalous Hall effect and spin-orbit torque.

  • Dr. Knag L. Wang (Lead)

    Dr. Kang L. Wang (Lead)


    (310) 825-1609

    Dr. Wang's expertise is in the novel electrical transport phenomena and spin transport phenomena in nanodevices.

Seed Project

  • Dr. Nathaniel Gabor

    Dr. Nathaniel Gabor

    UC Riverside

    (951) 827-5338

    Dr. Gabor runs the Quantum Materials and Optoelectronics lab which aims to discover new quantum phenomena in atomically thin two-dimensional (2D) electronic materials including graphene, hexagonal boron nitride, and layered transition metal dichalcogenides.

  • Dr. Jianlin Lu

    Dr. Jianlin Liu

    UC Riverside

    (951) 827-7131

    Dr. Liu's Quantum Structures Laboratory explores silicon- and zinc oxide-based thin films, nanowires, quantum dots, and their uses in nanoelectronic and optoelectronic devices.


Dorothea Northcutt
UC Riverside

Glenda Barraza
Administrative Assistant
UC Riverside

External Advisory Committee

Dr. Shufeng Zhang
Arizona University

Dr. Dan Dahlberg
 University of Minnesota

Mark Stiles
National Institute of Science and Technology

Dr. Chris Dames
University of California at Berkeley

Dr. Jonathan Sun
IBM Research




Yufan Li Dr. Chia-Ling Chien
Weiwei Lin Dr. Chia-Ling Chien
Mykhaylo Balinskyy Dr. Alexander Khitun
Peng Li Dr. Mingzhong Wu
Tao Liu Dr. Mingzhong Wu
Jin Lan Dr. Ruqian Wu
Shuting Pi Dr. Ruqian Wu

Theme 2

Guanxiong Liu Dr. Alex Balandin
Junxue Li Dr. Jing Shi

Theme 3

Massoud Masir Dr. Allan MacDonald
Gen Yin Dr. Kang Wang
Guoqiang Yu Dr. Kang Wang
Eric A. Montoya Dr. Ilya Krivorotov

SHINES Assistant Project Scientist

SHINES Assistant Project ScientistCorresponding PI


Theme 1

Jessica Gifford Dr. Tingyong Chen
Ji Zhang Dr. Tingyong Chen
Gejian Zhao Dr. Tingyong Chen
Danru Qu Dr. Chia-Ling Chien
Houchen Chang Dr. Mingzhong Wu
David Ellsworth Dr. Mingzhong Wu
Praveen Janantha Dr. Mingzhong Wu

Theme 2

Fariborz Kargar Dr. Alex Balandin
Max Grossnickle Dr. Nathan Gabor
Kyle Chan Dr. Javier Garay
Aleksey Volodchenkov Dr. Javier Garay
Chad Warren Dr. Javier Garay
Yizhou Liu Dr. Roger Lake
Shanshan Su Dr. Roger Lake
Kyongmo An Dr. Elaine Li
Kha Tran Dr. Elaine Li
Kemal Sobotkiewich Dr. Elaine Li
Mohammad Suja Dr. Jianlin Liu
Mohammed Aldosary Dr. Jing Shi
Zilong Jiang Dr. Jing Shi
Chi Tang Dr. Jing Shi
Yadong Xu Dr. Jing Shi
Bowen Yang Dr. Jing Shi

Theme 3

Andrew Smith Dr. Ilya Krivorotov
Yabin Fan Dr. Kang Wang