Thrust 2: Phonon and Magnon Engineering

 The main focus of this theme is on the control of phonon/magnon properties, e.g. the dispersion relation and scattering, to manipulate heat transport in nanostructured materials.



Phonon and associated heat transport can be manipulated in nanostructured materials via modifications of the group velocity and scattering. In magnetic materials, magnons are additional heat carriers, but can also scatter phonons. The effect of magnons on heat transport will be studied with Raman and Brillouin light scattering techniques (Balandin and Li), phonon and magnon imaging (Li), and thermal conductivity measurements in longitudinal and transverse directions (Balandin, Lake, and Shi).  Nanostructured bulk magnetic materials and nanostructured thin films will be synthesized in metals, semiconductors, and insulators (Garay and Shi).

Theme 2 members will collaborate with other members on magnetic insulator thin film synthesis and characterization (M.Z. Wu), time-domain spin wave spectroscopy (Khitun), nanostructure device fabrication (Wang) and theoretical modeling (MacDonald).

Theme members: Balandin, Garay, Lake, Li, and Shi

Cross-theme members: M.Z. Wu (T1), Khitun (T1), Wang (T3), and MacDonald (T3)