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Recent Achievements


Kang wang


Professor Kang L. Wang has been elected as a member of Academia Sinica! Professor Wang is the lead investigator of the SHINES Spin-orbit Coupling Exploration.



Research on the Enhanced Spin Seebeck Effect Published by Shi Group

Enhanced SSEThe Shi Group has published a paper in Nature Communications on the enhanced spin Seebeck effect signal in (BixSb1-x)2Te3,a topological insulator. The effect arises due to spin-momentum locked topological surface states that are accessed by tuning the Fermi level into the bulk insulator gap.


Photo-spin-voltaic Effect Observed by M. Wu Group

P S V effectMingzhong Wu's group has identified the Photo-spin-voltaic effect in Pt-YIG. The effect consists of a pure spin current that arises due to photon-driven, spin-dependent excitation of electrons in several platinum atomic layers near the platinum/magnetic insulator interface. The paper was published in Nature Physics.



Shi Group Research Profiled by UCR Today

Jing Shi

A team of researchers, led by Jing Shi's group at UC Riverside, have demonstrated for the first time the transmission of electrical signals through insulators in a sandwich-like structure, a development that could help create more energy efficient electronic devices.
Article at Nature Communications


UCR Today: Spinning Better Electronic Devices


SHINES Research Highlighted by the US Department of Energy

Jing Shi

In May, the newsletter of the DOE Office of Science described recent results obtained by the Balandin Group showing acoustic phonon confinement effects in nanoporous arrays.  Investigation of the acoustic phonons was made possible by development of the Brillouin-Mandelstam spectroscopy tool at UC Riverside. Fariborz Kargar (pictured) was first author of the paper published in Applied Physics Letters.



Affiliated Universities